Tee Grizzley's Car Shot At - Manager/Aunt Killed

Jobina “JB” Brown, the manager and aunt of Hip Hop Artist Tee Grizzley was shot and killed in Detroit late Tuesday evening. According to sources, the gunman allegedly approached on foot and shot Brown, who was sitting in the back seat, in her left side. Grizzley was reportedly riding in the passenger seat and got out of the vehicle as the shooter approached. The driver said the attacker fired three or four shots and noted that Brown screamed before the gunfire began. Brown was rushed to a local hospital but died from her wounds. She was 41 years old. The driver nor Tee Grizzley were injured. Police are unsure who the intended target was.

We at Hip Hop Across The Board send our condolences to Tee Grizzley and his family.



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