Lamar “A Dot” Thomas is The Truth and Has The Catalog To Prove It.

Updated: Mar 26

Born and raised in the 9th Ward section of New Orleans, Louisiana, Lamar “Adot” Thomas is no stranger to adversity. After surviving Katrina and being forced to relocate to start over, Dallas has become his home away from home. Immediately upon his arrival, he began to establish a presence in the DFW Hip Hop Scene. From doing street Promo for local radio stations, being crowned freestyle champ by 97.9 the beat, to eventually opening up his own studio. Hard-work and dedication is the foundation of his current success.

In late 2018, he decided it was time to finally release a full album. Though he has previous releases such as “Kid from the South” and “State of Being Conscious Music”, Aura would be his official introduction to the masses. With the assistance of Sound Creator & Engineer Subtonic, and hits such as “Energies“, “Risk” and “Buggin”, the release would propel A Dot to new heights and increase his fan fair which subsequently led to multiple performances in various markets. At the moment, Aura has amassed over 400k streams combined across all platforms.

Not one to become stagnant, at the top of 2019, A Dot began preparing the follow up to Aura and connected with FT. Worth native 88 Killa and released the single “Tint” produced by Dallas native D’Artizt. Over the summer, he took some time to reflect on his past and how far he’s come in the almost 15 years since he moved to Dallas and was adopted by Peter & Jackie Stevens. Track 5 “Katrina Stories” discusses that journey from Louisiana to making Dallas his new home but never forgetting where he came from. That’s one thing that can be said about the culture of New Orleans. The people never abandon their roots no matter where they are. If you never been to New Orleans, the visual for Katrina Stories (shot by DIO Visuals) provides a glimpse into the culture, with footage from inside of New Texas Orleans, the first black-owned Cajun Supermarket & Kitchen Located in Arlington, Tx.

*A dot & Owner of New Texas Orleans Krissy Johnson

The new album is entitled “Who Will Make It To Heaven“, and features guest appearances from 88 Killa and PEEPSnation. Although a different vibe than Aura, the content is consistent, and the growth is evident. From the lyrical aggression on tracks like “The Master”, to the commercial ready “Ain’t Gold”, A Dot spits with confidence and fits perfectly in pocket with the production. The album is definitely a must have and has a consistent vibe everybody can enjoy. If a sophomore jinx exists, it doesn’t apply to this Artist. “Who Will Make It To Heaven” picks up right where “Aura” left off and A Dot doesn’t miss a beat in the process. Be sure to follow him via social media for new updates on performances, and more from the album. Check out the new album, available on all digital platforms.



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