Kinfolk Jack's(IG:@Kinfolkjackmusic) "Something To Ride To" LP Would Make Pimp C Proud

Updated: Apr 27

Texas has always been its own "Island" per say when it comes to Hip Hip. Since the early 90's, the sound, style, slang, and production has always been in a class of their own, when compared to East or West Coast music. During a time when legends like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Snoop, Wu Tang and others were dominating the charts and becoming superstars, Andre 3000 made it a point to say "The South Got Something To Say", at the 1995 Source Awards. Nobody was paying attention to the South but the South, and 3 Stacks warned Hip Hop things would change.Other rappers were also very vocal about the souths acceptance in Hip Hop as well, most notable Pimp C's "We don't make Hip Hop down here, we make Country Rap Tunes" statement. When crafting out production for many of UGK's hits,Pimp made it a point to include certain elements to give the track that southern feel and signature sound. UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, Outkast and several other southern artist where determined to show that the south could make music that was just as good or even better than what was being deemed "real hip hop" Before the world knew of Big Krit or Lil Nas X, the south had UGK and Outkast.

Fast forward to 2019, during a climate where autotune, thot rap and big money talk dominate the airwaves. Everything is coming back full circle and Texas Native Kinfolk Jack is dropping music to roll up, lean back and ride to.If you're looking for the definition of country rap tunes, and want that soulful sound, look no further than his latest offering.Released at the top of the year in January, Kinfolk Jack's "Something to Ride to" Lp is a breath of fresh air. From the lead track "Almost Home" til the final track "Dirty South",Kinfolk raps effortlessly over bass heavy, soulful samples and live instruments as he takes you on a journey through the south from his perspective.If Pimp C was still with us i'm sure he would be pleased with the overall cohesive sound of the project.The release features 11 tracks total with production handled by Marcus Wells, CIA Trax, and the Legendary Mousequake and is available across all digital platforms. Be sure to follow Kinfolk Jack via social media and stay updated on the latest news and future performances.

As an ode' to Texas Culture and the Late Dj Screw, Henn Dogg of Trill Gang took to facebook and posted a video of his Chopped and Screwed version of "Almost Home" from the album. Check it out below.



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