Hip Hop Artist Raw Elementz to Host "Hi End" Urban Fashion Show in Dallas.

Hip Hop & Fashion have been intertwined since the inception of the culture. From early on with the influence of Kangol, Dapper Dan, Run DMC & Adidas, to LL Cool J's Phat Farm and Fubu campaigns, hip hop has been the launch pad for several brands. Those brands provided the blueprint for Roc-a-wear, Sean Jean, Marc Ecko, and various others to establish themselves and define urban fashion. For the past 2 decades Hip Hop has told the consumer whats hot and whats not. With the evolution of social media, the fashion world has become more accessible to the independent designer by allowing them to develop and establish a brand, without corporate influence or red tape. New styles are being introduced by creatives across the globe, in hopes of being the next hottest trend. Dallas Native & Hip Hop Recording Artist Raw Elements is among those creatives. Not only has he developed his own brand 4everfly, but he also provides avenues for other creatives to display their works. This past summer, after a short rebranding period, Raw put his resources to work and developed Hi End, a one day runway fashion experience, which he enlisted some of the top designers in the metroplex to showcase their ideas to the masses. After the success of the first installment, a follow up to the event was a no brainer.

October 11, 2019, in partnership with Blexx Entertainment, Hi End returns with its' second installment featuring some of the top local designers in the DFW Metroplex. The event will be held at the elegant Lofty Spaces, located at 816 Montgomery Street

Dallas, TX 75215 and will be the biggest event of the year catered to Urban Fashion. Hi End is determined to show the city of Dallas what our creatives have to offer urban fashion wise. A one night extravagant event, with runway models, and VIP seating. Come enjoy a night of urban fashion and creative vibes.

Tickets are on-sale here



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