The DFW Hip Hop scene is home to some of the most untapped talent in the Industry. Depending on who you ask, there’s never a consensus on who’s up next to “blow” or who‘s the dopest because honestly, Dallas is like a big pot of Gumbo when it comes to Hip Hop. Over recent years, artist such as Bobby Session, Go Yayo, Yella Beezy, TrapBoy Freddy, Mo 3 and a few others have garnered national attention in one fashion or another, which has opened the door for more aspiring artist in the city to break out.

With the turn of a new decade, the uprising in Dallas has continued, and we have taken the liberty of checking out a few artist that’s currently making waves in the metroplex, and compiled a list of some of the dopest releases that kicked the year off. Be sure to follow the artist on social media and stay up to date on everything they have coming up.



If we're talking undeniable "hits", there's no way you can leave Pj Ricochet out the conversation. Since officially establishing his Playne Jayne brand, he's released several bangers from, She Bangin', I Don't Hang Wit Em', and 2019's Neva Lock Wit A Opp. Now under new management and a new project in the works, he kicks off the new year with New Single " Top of The Year". The high energy street anthem has been regarded as a certified hit by djs and tastemakers across the southern region. Production on the track features a sample from Big Tymers hit "#1 Stunna", and is definitely gearing up to be a summer anthem. Check out the track and add it to your playlist. Be sure to follow Pj Ricochet and stay updated with upcoming news and releases.

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Teleoso - Energy

In the last 3 years or so, there has been an emergence of female emcess in Hip Hop across the globe. Artist such as Meg Thee Stallion, Young M.A, Kash Doll, City Girls and a host of others, have all made an impressive debut in the industry. Although the stigma of "all females rap about the same thing", has been the narrative, that doesn't apply to artist such as Dallas' own Teleoso. After the release of her album Sagacity, she's jumped off the new year on a lyrical tear with the release of her latest single "Energy". The track is produced by BuddBeatz and coupled with Teleoso’s rapid delivery, it definitely holds replay value. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Teleoso in the month's to come. I have a feeling Energy is just a small offering of what's in the future. Check out the single below, and be sure to follow TeleOso via social media.

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Lamar "Adot" Thomas

Born and Raised in the 9th Ward Section of New Orleans, LA, Adot has called Dallas home for the last 16 Years. His unique style and ability to tap into experiences from both cities with totally different cultures, has garnered him a diverse following that's increasing with every release. 2019 he released the album "Who Will Make It To Heaven", which included the singles and visuals for "Aint Gold" featuring Peeps Nation and "Tint" featuring 88 Killa. Not one to remain stagnant, at the top of the year he released the laid back "Wards & Projects", on which he gives you a further glimpse into exactly who Lamar Adot Thomas is, all the while reminding the listener that he hasn't forgotten the roots from which he came from. Check out the single below and be sure to check out his latest album, available on all digital platforms.

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Shotty - The Ghost Of Dallas Ep

Since the birth of Hip Hop in the 70's, the stories of young black males and their everyday struggles has resonated with fans across the globe. You can listen to a song or album and directly correlate it to something you've either experienced personally or know someone who has. There are also artist that have the ability to captivate the listener, and provide them with a mental picture of the story they’re telling. That can be said for Dallas artist Shotty, who has an aggressive style and delivery that puts you right in the passenger seat of his journey. He recently released a 4 track Ep entitled "The Ghost of Dallas Chapter 1", and from the first track "Through it All", he provides a glimpse into his world and what he's witnessed on his rode to success. Each track provides a different vibe, with solid production which allows Shotty to blend his flow right in pocket and deliver exactly what the track demands. The Ghost of Dallas is definitely worth a listen, and will not disappoint if your looking for what you wouldn't normally hear on the radio. This is the first installment to what looks to be a series. I'm interested in hearing more from Shotty what else he has to offer. Check out the release below and make sure to add a track or two to your playlist to support the artist.

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Mr. Koolaidd - Sue Me Or Sign Me

Longevity in Hip Hop is a feat many aren't able to accomplish. In time where you can drop a hit single today and be forgotten about tomorrow due to the influx of music, Artist have to maintain an undeniable consistency to keep the consumers attention. As a result we have a market that's more single driven and less focused on full projects. Dallas native Mr. Kool Aidd has a different perspective, and with the release of his latest album "Sue Me Or Sign Vol 2”, he’s definitely showing why full albums aren‘t a thing of the past. The album is the follow up to volume one released in 2012, and not only is Kool Aidd an emcee, but he also handles production on the track “OG”. Houston’s own Lil Flex makes a guest appearance on the feel good track “Ballin, Smashin” which has that Sunday afternoon top down in good weather vibe. Sue Me or Sign Me Vol 2 has 16 tracks and Mr. Kool Aidd doesn’t hold back when it comes to lyrical content. His southern drawl compliments the production well and is a solid offering from the veteran emcee. The album is available across all digital platforms. Take a listen and be sure to follow Mr. Kool Aidd’s movement.

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Young Sire - Sire’s Symphony

There‘s always those artist that stand out, and are incomparable to any other artists that’s out. They have a unique voice, maybe a certain look, or maybe their flow is unorthodox such as a Young Thug per-say. In the case of Yung Sire, he’s one of those artist that has a certain something about him that once you hear him once, you definitely would want to hear more of what he has to offer. That’s the feeling I get after listening to his latest release “Sire’s Symphony”. Although the project has 19 tracks, which is reminiscent of albums of the 90’s and early 2000’s, there’s not one “bad” song on the whole joint. From the production to Sire’s razor sharp, aggressive flow along with his superb wordplay makes for easy listening. The intro track ”Go Dumb” kicks off with a high energy vibe and sets the tone for the album. Cut’s like “Watch My Drip” feat Golden Ego, On E”, and “Rock the Crowd” are just a few standout tracks among many. I’m interesting in seeing where he takes this project. The Denison native is definitely a breath of fresh air on the mic and has promising career ahead of him. Be sure to follow him on social media and check out the Album and add your favorites to your playlist.

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Nojo Wallace - Billy

Nojo Wallace started the New Year off in his bag. He’s on the verge of dropping the follow up to 2019’s Color Show and to set the tone he releases the first single “Billy”, which is also the name of the project. The new EP is scheduled for a May 15th release date and features 4 tracks, with a bonus cut from his upcoming album. Check out the visual for Billy and be on the lookout for the EP and Album on the way.

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Jui$e Leroy - I Shot Ya

Lyricism isn’t at the forefront of Hip Hop as it once was, but it’s definitely making its way back with a new breed of hungry emcees. Jui$e Leroy is one of those emcees and he’s determined to let it be known that lyricism is a lost art form. He recently dropped a freestyle to one of Hip Hop‘s most notable insteumentals “Who Shot Ya”, by the late Notorious B.I.G, and he pulls no punches when proclaiming to be the best emcee of his time. Jui$e is definitely in his bag on this one. Check out “I Shot Ya”, and be sure to leave your comments on what you think of the track.



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