Dame Dash - “Everybody Know Jay Z Aint Shit”

The saying goes ”Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”, which seems to be the case when it comes to Jay Z and his recent decision to align himself with the NFL. Dame Dash didn’t bother holding his tongue when discussing the matter during a recent interview on No Jumper podcast.

“Everyone knows Jay ain’t shit”. If you ask anybody in the industry, it’s common knowledge that Jay ain’t shit. He’s self preserved period".

Dame also hints at similar issues with his former Roc-a-fella partner similar to the current one, in particular with females. “He’d do that shit to me with girls. I’ll be talking to a chick and I’ll be like, Yo, she asked me to do this and that. He’’d be like don’t do it, then I turn around the next day and he done wife’d her up”.

Looks like that Roc-a-fella reunion wont be happening anytime soon between the two moguls. Check out the interview below.



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