Cardi B Celebrates Album Anniversary After Being Criticized by Fans

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You can’t win for losing.

At least that’s how Cardi B is feeling these days, after yet another fan has bashed the rapper for not being a role model to young girls.

The comments were in response to Cardi tweeting “I’m just nasty like that.”  

Well Cardi replied respectfully by saying she’ll just go back to being her old ratched self and forget what other so-called fans may think.

Ride or die Cardi fans were quick to come to her rescue. One fan pretty much dropped the mic by tweeting,

“So your mama didn’t raise you so now you want @iamcardib, a complete stranger, to set an example for you? She paid her dues. Now she gets to do WTF she wants. You are not her, or any other celeb’s, responsibility. She has ONE child. You have full control over your own radio honey.”

Hope that first (young) fan didn’t take this reply to personally.

Cardi B performed during the grand opening of KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub at Palms Casino Resort on April 6 in Las Vegas. The performance made her three hours late to her next gig at the Beautycon Festival in New York  at Jacob Javits Center. But no one seemed to mind, given that the 7th marked the 1 year anniversary of her album debut Invasion of Privacy.

Looks like Cardi’s wasting no time returning to her old un-edited self.